The commissioning process is really straight forward and usually begins with a meeting between you, the customer and me, the maker. During this meeting we will talk to establish what you have in mind. The brief may be very specific and you may want to be very involved in the designing process.  Or maybe you would like to leave most of the design choices up to me. Either way works well and I will adapt to fit your needs.

After the initial meeting and usually a visit to where the piece will be situated, as well as some measuring I will draft a proposal. This will incorporate everything discussed, some other options to consider, timescales and, of course pricing.

These conversations would ideally take place in person but where this is not possible or convenient they can take place over the phone or email, again I am happy to adapt to suit your needs.

Once the design has been agreed a deposit for 50% of the total cost will be taken with the remainder due upon completion and delivery.

Regular updates will be provided throughout the project with the final outcome being happy customer and happy maker!